Made Using: Acrylic Colors 
Status: For Sale

Well, after a real long time, I am back with lots of paintings in stock! :) The first among those is the acrylics on canvas. The acrylic painting is of Maa Durga, means " the powerful". She is known to be fighting with demons and brings end to evil. Her victory is celebrated as Navratri for nine days.

Navratri festival is already going on and what could be better time then to paint the goddess of power, Durga Maa. 

Made Using: Acrylic Colors 
Status: For Sale

I made this acrylic painting of Gadariya a few weeks back but was unable to post. We met him on our way to Abhaneri. His photo for reference is below....

Gadariya or Shepherds are the people who earn their living by cattles.
This man had some personality and the attitude which attracted me to paint his portrait.

                               The close-up face of the painting..

                                     Another angle of the painting.. 

                               Completed acrylic painting of Gadariya.. 

Made Using: Acrylic Colors
Status: For Sale

I was planning this for a long time and finally made it after much changes. The photograph of person selling Ektara was taken in Jaisalmer by my husband, Bhavesh. The actual photograph is given below...

I made few changes which can be seen in my completed painting.

The ektara was a regular string instrument of wandering bards and minstrels from India and is plucked with one finger.

The ektara usually has a stretched single string, an animal skin over a head (made of dried pumpkin/gourd, wood or coconut) and pole neck or split bamboo cane neck.(source: Wikipedia)

The final completed painting...

I has posted the Mughal king's work in progress. So finally the wait is over and I am publishing the completed work of the Mughal King.
Have a look of the closeup of Mughal King's face...

The final painting..

Made Using: Acrylic Colors
Status: For Sale

In the previous post, I showed you my commission painting of a girl named 'Adora'. That was Work-in-Progress and a rough draft of the final art work.

Below are the few shots of the completed painting...


                                              Pool of Balloons

Adora's Closeup

Decorations and her hair clip

Complete Painting

Made Using: Acrylic Colors
For Sale

One Morning I got an offer to paint this beautiful girl- Adora. She is so cute and adorable that I was eager to paint down her onto my canvas.

Below is the reference photo which I used to sketch her...

One look on the complete sketch..

A closeup of her adorable face...

Different perspective of this sketch...

The sketch which I will color and will show you in the upcoming posts...:)

Base:Sketch Paper
Made Using:Pencils
In Progress

Mughal paintings have always attracted me for my art work. Their royal look, bright colors and attitude inspires my new Mughal King acrylic painting. Have a look..
A close look....

Closeup of Mughal King's face...

Base: Canvas
Made Using:Acrylics
Size: 18"X24"
Status: In Progress

Hello People!

I am back with new fun art and crafts (which I'll be posting soon!). I missed you all. Keep in touch to have a look to new art of mine.


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