Base: Glass (Best use of the glass window taken out for exhaust fan)
Made Using:
Glass Colors and Outliner
I am feeling proud to explore myself...:) This is my first ever glass painting. I was really excited to paint it. But I must say, It was really tough! It needs a lot of patience. How you all feel about this one?

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    Ramesh Jhawar said...

    Hi Megha! I like the colors. I remember there was once a course for glass painting in my school but it was for seniors and I couldn't participate. I liked those paintings by my seniors. Exploring a new medium is always fascinating. Each medium has its own unique characteristics and needs a lot of practice to master it.

  1. ... on October 26, 2009 at 3:08 AM  
  2. AutumnLeaves said...

    I like it too, Megha. The colors are so bright, perfect for this subject matter!

  3. ... on October 26, 2009 at 3:11 AM  
  4. Megha Chhatbar said...

    Thanks Ramesh and Sherry for your quick and kind comments! :)

  5. ... on October 26, 2009 at 3:13 AM  
  6. Prabal said...

    This is very cute. I too have tried glass painting once or twice. It requires a great deal of patience and one has to be very very careful. So I had given up. :)
    One of the most difficult part is to lay the liner properly. The thickness of the line should not vary. And it looks like you have done it almost perfectly.
    Well done.

  7. ... on October 26, 2009 at 3:47 AM  
  8. Art with Liz said...

    My gosh Megha I do hope this will be the first of many glass paintings. What a beauty!

  9. ... on October 26, 2009 at 11:40 AM  
  10. ruchi singh said...

    this is very cute!!

  11. ... on October 26, 2009 at 9:50 PM  
  12. ruchi singh said...

    Thx again Megha...........

  13. ... on October 26, 2009 at 10:02 PM  
  14. Mary Paquet said...

    Megha, you must do more glass paintings. That genre is not common where I live, so I am delighted to see your beautiful work. Can you write more about the process?

    I love your very unique style -- clean lines, beautiful colors, and your art inspires joy.

  15. ... on October 27, 2009 at 5:13 AM  
  16. Punit said...

    good one........

  17. ... on November 18, 2011 at 6:34 AM  
  18. Berita Bola said...

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